Charlie’s Story

Charlie is a 9 year young Beagle-Basset Hound blend (fondly known as a Bagle!)  Charlie wandered off from his previous home in Portsmouth OH & was picked up by the dog warden, never to be claimed by his family.  Scioto County Shelter, a small OH rural shelter is inundated with more dogs, most unaltered, than they can care for, making euthanasia the end result for many.  Stop the Suffering (STS), a Columbus OH based non-profit rescue, pulled Charlie from the shelter before he was euthanized.  Charlie was taken to the STS veterinarian, had all necessary updates, a minor cherry eye surgery, a good ear cleaning/ear meds (to take care of those BIG Basset Ears!),  and given a clean bill of health!  Off to foster care he went…for 2 years. 

Ohio has more dogs in rescue than they do available homes due to lack of altering pets and the enormous number of Amish puppy mill farms producing, not only purebred dogs, but many blends.  The economy is still an issue, especially in the eastern parts of Ohio. 

For 2 years, Charlie was well cared for, acclimated well & was adored by his foster family.  Charlie went to all of the STS Adoption events and everyone always loved Charlie!  But no one adopted Charlie.  And Charlie waited….and waited, all the while lounging on doggy beds, dashing through the doggy door to romp in the yard of his foster family and enjoying good food and treats!  STS took care of all of Charlie’s medical bills and updates needed, including monthly heartworm and flea prevention.  You might ask “Why didn’t Charlie’s foster family just adopt him?”  We asked the same question – and the answer is one that only a good foster family could provide – they knew their own personal financial limit for caring for their own pets, they wanted to continue to foster homeless dogs and would not be able to do so if they adopted Charlie. They felt he was such a great companion, that somewhere his new person was out there – looking for a great companion like Charlie.  You see, Charlie is an easy, very adoptable companion….just not in Ohio.  In Ohio, he is one of many, as hounds are a dime a dozen there. 

So, in conjunction with STS, we started a little project – Relocating to Rehome.  This project is to help the homeless dogs that have been either in rescue or shelter long term or have no chance of adoption in Ohio.  So, Charlie said his good-byes to his foster family (with many tears shed) and off he went to start his new life journey!

How did you accomplish this you might ask?  We have been blessed to work with the assistance of the great non-profit organization – Kindred Hearts Transport Connection!  This PAWSOME group of Transport & Foster Angels made it seamless to transport these wonderful dogs, like Charlie, across the country, to find their new family!  So, just like people, the love of your life may not be where you started out your life…they may be far away.   And so Charlie has arrived and is now ready to interview folks to be his new Parents! 

Charlie has a few things he wants to add:  “Wow  - what a trip!  I arrived here in WA and have made so many new friends!  I really like all of the big dogs I have met and enjoy the company of the tiny doglets too!  I have my own Kuranda Bed and suite in the Lodge and love my Salmon Bleu dog food J  I recently had a Glamour Shot day which I met a fun Puparazzi, Joni Atkinson of Simply Stated Photography and Sheryl Sigafoos – she dressed me up with a cool Barb’s Pet Project scarf!  I sure have been getting a lot of attention lately and I LOVE it (Caution – I do love to snuggle)!  Now that I am officially a Pacific NW transfer – I think I’m going to love this place!  I sure hope my new parents like to go to dog parks and I really want to see the ocean – I’ve never seen the ocean!  There is so much to see and do and I cannot wait to see more of my new state of WA!  If you are interested in me – please fill out this questionnaire so I can learn a little more about you too!”